Curriculum Vitae


Johns Hopkins University

Ph.D., Physics (expected graduation: Fall 2014)
M.A., Physics (Fall 2010)
Advisors: Robert L. Leheny and Daniel H. Reich

  • Development of technique and software for video particle tracking and analysis of Brownian trajectories at complex interfaces
  • Microrheology of interfacial protein layers and bacterial biofilms

University of Rochester (2004-2008)

Renaissance Scholar (full-tuition, merit-based scholarship)
B.S., Physics
B.A., Music
B.S., Applied Mathematics
Research Advisor: Robert S. Knox

  • Analysis of a proposal for geoengineering by aerosol reflection


  • Daniel B. Allan, Daniel M. Firester, Victor Allard, Kathleen J. Stebe, Daniel H. Reich, Robert L. Leheny, Linear and Nonlinear Microrheology of Lysozyme Layers Forming at the Air-Water Interface, submitted to Soft Matter, March 2014

  • Liana Vaccari and Daniel B. Allan (equal contributors), Nima Sharifi-Mood, Robert L. Leheny, Daniel H. Riech, Kathleen J. Stebe, Biofilms at oil-water interfaces: four stages of mechanical behaviour, in preparation

  • Marek Cieplak, Daniel B. Allan, Daniel H. Reich, Robert L. Leheny, Proteins at air-water interfaces: a coarse-grained model, in preparation

  • David V. Lu, Daniel B. Allan, William D. Smart, Tuning Cost Functions for Social Navigation, 2013 International Conference for Social Robotics (The poster for this work was awarded runner-up for Best Poster.)

  • Veselin Kostov, Daniel B. Allan et al. Winter is Coming, arxiv:1304.0445, April 1, 2013, a joke astrophysics paper that was covered by Science, PBS, and others

Talks and Posters

  • Daniel B. Allan et al. Linear and Nonlinear Microrheology of Lysozyme Layers Forming at the Air-Water Interface, accepted at ACS Colloid and Surface Science Symposium, June 2014

  • Daniel B. Allan, Thomas A. Caswell, Nathan C. Keim, Trackpy: Multi-purpose Particle Tracking, accepted at Scientific Computing with Python, July 2014

  • Daniel B. Allan et al. Mechanical Evolution of Bacterial Biofilms at Oil-Water Interfaces, (contributed talk) 2014 APS March Meeting

  • Daniel B. Allan et al. Linear and Nonlinear Microrheology of Interfacial Protein Layers, (contributed talk) 2013 APS March Meeting

  • Daniel B. Allan, et al. Interfacial Microrheology of Lysozyme Layers During Formation at the Air-Water Interface, (contributed talk) 2012 APS March Meeting; (poster) Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics

  • Daniel B. Allan et. al. Passive Microrheology of Protein Layers, (poster) 2012 International Center of Materials Research Workshop, UCSB; UMass Amherst Soft Solids and Complex Fluids Summer School

Computer Skills

Linux, Python (pandas, matplotlib, numpy, scipy, scikit-image), database design (MySQL, sqlite), version control (git), continuous integration testing (nose, Travis-CI), image/video capture and analysis, web programming (Rails, etc.), Mathematica, IDL, Ruby, Java

Open Source Contributions

pandas, lmfit-py, mpld3, trackpy, (github.com/danielballan)
co-organizer of Soft Matter Software organization (shared repository, annual meetups)


Course Development (2010-2013)

Johns Hopkins University

  • The Science of Music and Perception, a 15-hour general-interest undergraduate course
  • Labs for Biological Physics, an upper-level undergraduate course

Teaching Assistant

Johns Hopkins University (2008-2012, 7 semesters)

  • Biological Physics
  • Introductory calculus-based physics (Head TA, 1 semester)

University of Rochester (2008, 1 semester)

  • The Physics of Music


Planned and Led Classroom Activities in Public Schools
Organized frequent visits to classrooms in Baltimore, Corning (1998-present)
Awarded Outreach Grant by American Physical Society (2002)


President, Physics & Astronomy Graduate Student Organization (2009-2011)
Eagle Scout